Wednesday, December 28

12 Days of a Crafty Christmas.

The 3rd Day of a Crafty Christmas: 60's House Plans

As a special gift for Christmas I got Luke -
[by way of much stealth and many a secret meeting with the lovely 
Cheryl who grew up as a girl in our house]

- the original blue print working drawings for our 60's house.

I spent a whole afternoon cutting the board to size and 
what felt like hours getting it to sit right in the frame.
But after all that it does look great and he was super surprised.

 It has been great having a relationship with the person 
who knows so much about our house, and she is so genuinely glad that
we are restoring it.

And without that relationship we would not have 
had the privilege of being able to copy the house plans.
Or know that some walls were originally pink!

Having these drawings is so important to Luke and 
to see him pour over them makes me happy too.
Even though when he points at dotted lines and says
"see how there was supposed to be a wall there",
I have no idea. Lucky he can read them!


  1. That is so amazingly special! This house is sure turning out to be full of treasures :)