Friday, December 23

12 Days of a Crafty Christmas.

The 5th Day of a Crafty Christmas: Chrissy Cards

Every year we send out Christmas cards and a family newsletter,
which in some ways I feel is quite convoluted and all me me me,
but people seem to genuinely enjoy it and 
I know I love reading the ones we get from others so I continue with it.

This year however they have fallen to the bottom of the list of things that 
must be done before Christmas Day and as such they will not be received
now until after Christmas. I keep trying to come to terms with the fact that
I cannot do all things or be all things and so I have made peace with the lateness of 
our annual Christmas greeting.

I have also had to make peace with the fact 
that I don't have the time to hand craft them
as I would like . . .

but I did steal the design from here, chopping and changing it slightly and 
print them onto card, cut them out and stick them to our newsletter,
so there were some creative juices flowing in the process!

Our newsletter alone takes me a few hours of writing and finding the pictures to add.

So to all of you out there who make the effort to write a 
Christmas Newsletter, make handcrafted cards or even just 
buy a pack and write on them,

Merry Christmas!

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