Sunday, December 18

12 Days of a Crafty Christmas.

The 8th Day of a Crafty Christmas: Puppet Fun

Yesterday we took the kids to see the Puppet Show
Charlie and Lola's Best Bestest Play.

This was their Christmas Present.
I am trying very hard to avoid being over-run with toys.

We found our seats and quietend down with a lollypop.
Ready for the show to begin.

There were quite obvious puppeteers and I 
wondered if that would bother or distract Eli and Rosie . . .

But it only took a few minutes before they really got it.
The show was very funny, we all had a great time.

They have both enjoyed the TV show Charlie and Lola for a while
which Luke insists on calling "Eli and Rosie" 
just to be funny.
They both think it is hilarious!

So today I have downloaded this special set of nativity puppets featured
one of my favourite blog's About Orange 
to make when I feel a bit of school holiday boredom coming on.

So very cute! 

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  1. It really was such a sweet and fun show (just like the cartoon is, I suppose)! Experiences are always wonderful presents!