Sunday, December 11

12 Days of a Crafty Christmas.

The 10th Day of a Crafty Christmas: Classroom Gifts

Rosie and I made gingerbread shapes for the kids teachers.

We found some cute jars at K-Mart and filled them with the gingerbread treats . . .

and some chocolate goodness too!

Eli and Rosie spent time each morning in the last 2 weeks of school 
preparing cards for everyone in their class.

And I made a special gift for Eli's teacher who is leaving to go to a new school.
This bunting is for her new classroom.

We just love making things to give, there is truly something 
extra special about a hand-made gift.

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  1. oh wow, what fun. I especially love the bunting. If I was given that by a family I would be so overwhelmed! Simply wonderful Bec!