Monday, October 31

Beans have feelings too!

Last week when I was desperately trying to finish cooking dinner
and Eli and Rosie were desperate for some positive attention, 
I asked them both if they would like to help cook dinner 
instead of whingeing about not liking it.

They said ok.


 I set them up with a chopping board each and a 
serrated  butter knife, with a pile of beans.

They went to it, chopping them up
and cutting their "heads and tails" off 
as I described it, ready to cook.

After Eli had cut up his whole pile he looked pensive,
and I knew he was about to ask a big question.

"Mum, do beans have feelings?"
"Are we hurting them if we cut off their heads?"

I tried to explain that they were no longer living 
casue they weren't on the vine anymore.

Funny though . . .
he waited til he was finished the pile to ask!

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