Wednesday, September 28

Lunch Box Snacks

We are more than half way through the school holidays 
and that means I need to start thinking about getting
organized for going back to school.

Here is a recipe from my gorgeous mum
that is a great lunch box snack.
It's simple, easy and super tasty.

Fruity Slice:

You will need -
3 and a half cups of mixed dried fruit
[you can use any dried fruit, chopped apricots, raisins, dates etc]
1 cup of Self Raising Flour
1 tin of Condensed Milk

Then you need to -

Place the mixed dried fruit in a bowl 
and add the flour, mix well coating all the fruit.
Add the tin of condensed milk and stir to combine.

Lastly -

Line a shallow lamington tin with baking paper, 
[I spray the tin with oil first so that the paper 
doesn't move around as you try to spread the mixture]
and spread the sticky mixture evenly over the base of the tin.
Smooth out and bake in an 180 degree Celsius oven 
for about 20 minutes, or til golden brown.

To finish -

You can cool it and cut into squares just like it is,
or add some icing, lemon is nice or even cream cheese icing.
I added a layer of melted chocolate for a special treat,
but you could just drizzle the top with melted chocolate.
White or brown would do.

So simple and quick to make. 
It freeze's well too.

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  1. I'll have to try this. No chocolate allowed at Elara's school, but the lemon icing sounds super. Any other lunchbox ideas? I find it so hard to think of new/different things.