Wednesday, March 9

A Carpenter, a Youth Worker, a Fireman + a Hairdresser!

What did you want to be when you were little?

I always wanted to be a teacher, and to some degree I am.
Rosie says she wants to be a dog. Well we can't have it all!

This week marks somewhat of the finale on the "grown ups" in my family.
My younger sister, Breanne, graduated her Hairdressing apprenticeship 
this week and became a fully fledged HairStylist. 

Before she took this 4 year apprenticeship on I had no idea just how hard 
it is to learn all that stuff, colouring and bleaching, chemicals, cutting techniques 
and blowdrying! I remember her first blowdry took an hour and 40 mins. 
She has come so far, and is now one of the best hairdressers I know.

Last year, although I have been working in the field for many years,
I became a qualified Youth Worker.

And just because my brother James can't sit still, he has two titles to 
his name, a qualified Carpenter and a real proper Fireman! 

It is hard to imagine back when we were little and 
playing together or fighting together, 
that it would turn out this way. 

That we would actually become something, out there in 
the real world. A Carpenter, a Youth Worker, a Fireman,
and a Hairdresser. Funny thing is, these occupations are 
actually not that far from the things we wanted to be as 
kids when we grew up. What did you want to be?


  1. This is precious Bec. So lovely to see you celebrating with your siblings - such a talented bunch! xx

  2. and just to take away the mystery, that comment was from me :P