Wednesday, March 2

8 years and counting.

 Luke and I have been married for 8 years, yesterday.
On the 1st March 2003.

And it was one of the hottest days imaginable,
much like these last few days have been.

Since then we have bought a house,
had two children,
renovated a house and 
spent many hours making that house a home.

This great man that I married, surprises me 
all the time, with how smart, creative,
intune and gentle he can be.
He is very child-like, loyal,
passionate, responsible, funny,
patient and super silly.

I would not be the me that I am
today without him.

Marriage - although very fashionable
is not easy, it is a choice.
To love someone everyday

We are a work in progress,
eight years and counting.

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  1. Great words Bec. Congratulations to you and Luke for reaching a lovely milestone. Here's to many more!