Tuesday, February 8

Be my Valentine!

Since I graduated from my 2 year Diploma course 
I have had some more time to explore and enjoy the blog world. 
This has meant that I can troll sites for fun and creative things to do, 
and then actually do them!

I have fallen in love with the site About Orange and their
free downloads and cute ideas.

And when they featured a Valentine's card I tinkered with it
and made it my own.

You can check out their free dowloadable Valentines cards here.

This card for my sister. 
The front page looks like this, 

And the inside looks like this.

This great blog About Orange also profiles some great fonts 
and being a font lover I decided to do a card for my hubby Luke, 
when I discovered this awesome Star Wars font. 

You might be able to cut and paste these and copy them for 
your Valentine. Or check out About Orange for more inspiration.

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