Thursday, December 2

LadyBug Picnic.

"1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9,10, 11,12 and the ladybugs came 
to the ladybug picnic."

Elizabeth Mitchell has a wonderful collection of childrens folk songs and we discovered them only recently searching through ITunes, looking for kids songs to put on the Ipod for the car. 

I was getting kinda tired of the same 20 songs that were on the kids playlist so I went searching for something a bit different, and I found a few wonderful albums that are so peaceful and dreamlike, that they really took me back to the songs I remember when I was a child.

We have been singing happily along to these gorgeous tunes in the car, and this song in particular inspired me to create a toy of sorts that allows the song to be acted out. 

There is something magical about Ladybugs and my kids have loved playing with the one I made for them, so I made another for a gift, to take to a kids party this weekend.

 I know the new owner will love the Elizabeth Mitchell song as well as the present.

The leaf is slightly padded and has a pocket on one side that holds the picnic rug and the 12 ladybugs. 

You can re-live the magic of this song here, and listen to some more of her delightful music as well. The album is called "You are my Sunshine" and I have been singing this particular song to my kids for years, as it was sung to me.

Now Rosie can count to twelve with great ease and a certain sing -song in her voice . . . we'll have to teach her about thirteen and the rest soon!


  1. We DO love Elizabeth Mitchell! They are THE best songs to play in the car (even Tim will allow her music)! AND we don't have the cd with this song on thank you! India loves her special present and we'll certainly have some picnics in the next little while! One more word for you... ETSY ;)

  2. Ahh I loved growing up with that song and the leaf is beautiful - you really should have continued with that early childhood degree! It would be beautiful for group times. You might also like the Ladybug song from Mainly Music (the church-based music and movement playgroup that's appearing about the place). I'll try to get you a copy of some of the Cds if you're interested x