Wednesday, December 15

12 Days of a Crafty Christmas.

The Fourth Day of a Crafty Christmas: DIY Christmas Shirts

 At our recent BusyBodies
Playgroup break-up,
we made our own Christmas shirts.
Some clever mummys cut out the 
felt and used the iron to "No Sew" the patterns 
and shapes onto the singlets; 
then let the kids loose with the fabric paint pens. 
They look so cute and I especially love the 
"bits and pieces" Christmas Tree that Arti made out
of some of the scraps. 

Felt is a great material to work with, 
you don't have to hem it - it doesn't fray, 
 it is colour safe - washes without running or bleeding, 
and it gives a fluffy and fury texture. Try one at your house soon.

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