Tuesday, August 31

Play Time!

My tiny boy is off to Prep next year and in a moment of sheer panic, it hit me just how little time we have left before school takes over his life for 12 long years.

I swapped our weekly schedule around so that Rosie and Eli and I could have one whole day a week with nothing
to do and nowhere to go 
so that we can just play. 
And we did. 
We drew a road out on 
the driveway and played 
with cars and trucks 
and helicopters 
and fire engines 
and police cars all morning.

Every morning when we get up and get dressed 
they both ask "where are we going today"?
It was kind of a shock when I told them it was an "at home play day". Terrible I know, but our life is hectic and with me working 15 hours a week and studying full-time, they have just learned that with every new day comes places to be and things to do. 
But from now on, Monday is sacred and reserved only for play.

Rosie loved drawing around her feet, around my feet, around Eli's feet and she even drew around George our cat as he lay sunning himself on the driveway.What a great thing play is.


  1. Such a good mummy. These kids are blessed. xo

  2. What a wonderful idea. I am so often feeling guilty for the little time I have just to play with the kids. I also get the guilts over neglecting Mr 6 as Mr 4 gets my attention due to illness or just by being home while Mr 6 is at school. I know I make a big effort to try and find time just for Mr 6. May need to re evaluate it all again however.

  3. They played with chalk for a whole morning! Wow! We'll have to join you for a 'play Monday' someday soon :)