Monday, December 21

Dashing through the snow . . .

Christmas is a big thing in our house. It seems to be getting bigger every year. I was kinda hoping that I might have a few more years before I would have to vamp up my efforts and swing into the dark world of "yes santa is really true" by being sneaky and doing all those things mums and dads do to help keep the magic alive.
My aunty used to have a stencil of a raindeer hoof and use glitter to make a trail of magic hoof-prints leading to the house, up the driveway. That is serious work!
Anyway, I have been kinda slack and didn't even think that I would need to buy two lots of wrapping paper so that santa's pressies look different. I didn't think I would have any problem putting presents under the tree a week before christmas. And I didn't think I would have to lie  /  explain the novelty santa key we bought last year. 
And yet I find myself unwrapping presents I have already wrapped, 
to keep up with the questions. I find Eli asking if the present he found, that has his name on it [look mummy it's my "E"] contains lego - cause when you shake it, it really sounds like lego.I find him trying out the novelty key in our front door, checking if it fits.I find he ask "how many santas are there?" cause he has seen a few around the shopping centers, and "there is one at the KMart shops and one at the Brookside shops mummy?"

Oh my gosh, he is three almost four! 
At this rate he is gonna work it out before he goes to school!

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